Service Strategy

1. Free training services

Actively cooperate to complete the connection with the purchasing party's system, provide free comprehensive technical training to the relevant personnel of the purchasing party, so that the purchasing party's personnel can independently carry out management, maintenance testing, and fault handling work, so that the provided equipment can operate normally and safely.

three point seven × 24-hour free phone, fax, or network support

If there are any technical issues related to the application of the product, the purchaser can call, fax or contact the nearest company service network at any time. The professional technical personnel of the company service network provide product consulting services to the purchaser and answer all operational difficulties.

2. Free emergency on-site service

In order to maintain the continuity of the company's work and gain a deeper understanding of product issues, when necessary,

The company's service network can arrange technical support engineers to rush to the location of the purchaser or relevant users for on-site free maintenance or repair.

3. Maintenance and warranty of free hardware

Service outlets in various regions have sufficient spare parts and accessories to provide timely services to the purchasing party. When the purchaser's product is damaged, the company's service network will provide timely repair of the parts. During the warranty period, if the product malfunctions due to reasons such as material, design, and production, the company is responsible for free repair. If it is caused by user use or other human factors, the company only charges the cost of the parts and does not charge support maintenance fees.

4. Free regular inspections

The company promises to send technical support personnel with rich professional experience to conduct regular on-site inspections, and also prepare on-site inspection reports. At the end of each year, the on-site inspection reports will be summarized, organized, and submitted to customers for evaluation of our company's service level.

5. Free regular follow-up service

The full-time service quality supervisor of the company's customer service center will conduct quarterly POS product customer phone follow-up visits, and conduct on-site follow-up visits every six months. They will also fill out the "Customer Satisfaction Survey Form" in detail to supervise the implementation of the company's service quality and understand customer service satisfaction. The follow-up time will be determined in accordance with the company's follow-up system and the specific requirements of customer users.

6. Free product software upgrade service

For the application software of the product, whenever the version is upgraded, the company promptly notifies customers and provides free version upgrade services to customers.

7. Provide free daily maintenance related materials

Users can obtain information on product operation, product knowledge, maintenance manuals, maintenance experience, and other aspects within the company's open permissions. The company is responsible for regularly updating the information.

8. Post warranty service plan

After the warranty period, the company promises to continue to provide technical support and after-sales service to customers, and the service plan and content include all services during the warranty period. After the warranty period, the company only charges the material cost of the components.


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