Customized AR2240C port 4* Gigabit optical port enterprise router

Brand: Xintong Feiyang

High-speed data transmission capability: AR2240C enterprise-class router is equipped with 4 Gigabit optical ports, supporting high-speed data transmission and access to the network. This can meet the application requirements of high-speed interconnection of enterprises.


Multiple security guarantees: AR2240C enterprise-class router supports multiple security guarantee mechanisms, such as IPSec VPN, NAT, firewall, etc., which can realize the isolation and protection of enterprise internal and external network environments, and effectively guarantee enterprise network security.

Flexible network management methods: AR2240C enterprise-class routers provide various network management methods such as Web, CLI, and SNMP, which facilitate administrators to configure, monitor and maintain networks, and improve network management efficiency.

Reliable hardware design: AR2240C enterprise-class router adopts high-reliability hardware design, supports hot backup, dual power supply and other functions, ensures the stable operation of network equipment and reduces business interruption and loss.


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