Enjoy Industrial 4G Router WiFi Wireless with our Mesh networking router

Brand: Xintong Feiyang

Accuracy grade: 0.5 grade

Features: dustproof and waterproof

Consumption; 50~500kg/h

Operating temperature; -50-85°C

Remote signaling resolution: ≤2ms

Current input; 1A, 5A

working principle; electronic

1. Can support 1 channel bidirectional RS485/232/422 data at the same time

2. Adaptive single-multimode fiber

3. Automatic forwarding with zero delay

4. Asynchronous transmission, point-to-multipoint application, RS-485 interface and optical fiber conversion

5. Automatically detect the serial port rate, judge and control the direction of data transmission

6. Maximum communication rate>500Kbps

7. 5VDC voltage input, external power supply

8. SC/FC interface is optional, default SC interface

9. Working wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm

10. The interface provides 1500W surge protection and 15KV electrostatic protection

11. The multi-mode communication reaches 2 kilometers, and the single-mode communication reaches 20 kilometers

12. RS485 supports 32-point polling (128 points can be customized


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