How to use the global band mobile portable wifi full Netcom plug-in card?

Publish Time: 2023-07-10

The steps to use the global frequency band mobile portable WiFi full Netcom plug-in card router are as follows:

1. Insert the SIM card into the card router. Usually, there will be a specific card slot or card slot cover on the card router, insert the SIM card into it correctly, and make sure it is fully inserted.

2. Turn on the power switch of the card router. Typically, the power switch is located on the side or back of the add-in card router. Press the switch and wait for a while for the card router to boot up.

3. Connect to the WiFi signal of the plug-in router. Open the WiFi settings of your computer, mobile phone or other device, search for available WiFi networks, find the name of the network created by the plug-in router (usually marked with the SSID on the plug-in router), and connect to it.

4. Open the browser and enter the management address of the card router. Find the address of the management interface of the card router by checking the user manual of the card router or the information provided by the manufacturer, and then enter the address in the address bar of the browser.

5. Enter the username and password for the management interface. According to the settings of the card router, enter the correct user name and password to log in to the management interface of the card router.

6. Make the necessary settings. In the management interface of the plug-in router, you can make various settings according to your needs, such as WiFi name and password, network encryption method, APN setting, etc. You can also view information such as the connection status, signal strength, and data usage of the plug-in router.

7. Connect to the Internet. After completing the necessary settings, the plug-in router will automatically connect to the Internet. You can test your connection by opening a browser and visiting a web page or other online service.

When using the global frequency band mobile portable WiFi full Netcom plug-in router, you need to ensure that the plug-in router supports the mobile network frequency band in your area, and you have purchased a suitable mobile network package or SIM card. In addition, the operation interface and settings of the plug-in router may vary depending on the brand and model, and the specific steps may vary. Therefore, before starting to use, please refer to the user manual of the plug-in router or related documents provided by the manufacturer.


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